Just Beet It!


This is an interesting read from Runner’s World: In Beet Juice We Believe.  I read it last week and almost immediately added beets to my lunch bag.  I’m probably not getting the full benefit since I’m going with canned and pickled beets out of laziness convenience.  Still, they’re low calorie and tasty, although it seems people either love them or hate them.  A student of mine was appalled that I sat at my desk eating beets directly from a can.  Another proclaimed that she loved beets and then the class disintegrated  went into a discussion of foods we love and hate.  8th graders love getting their teachers off topic!

Proper diet has been the most difficult aspect of running culture to take on.  Since starting training for my first marathon back in May, it seems like I am constantly hungry.  I bring a bag full of food (my lunch does not seem to make it past 10AM) to school and still manage to make frequent trips to the Conference’ Room to scrounge for any leftover treats.  I may have to lay this on my coworkers next time we’re eating together:

I think the hunger is a good sign that my metabolism is running high and rather than big sit down meals (Breakfast Runs aside), I’m more a grazer now.  I also should cut down on the adult libations, but it sure is a great feeling to finish off a good run with a cocktail! Problem is that if I dropped 15 pounds or so, my running performance would get a serious boost.  Additionally, I think some of the aches and pains I’ve been getting my knee (IT band?) would be less.  Not an easy task, but at some point after the Holidays soon I’ll get on the Runners Diet bandwagon.

See you on the road!


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