Happy Halloween Run!

It wasn’t that bad but, it felt good to push it today!  It’s great to see that our Porch Zombie is sporting Hokas!


Some more scenes from a Portland, Maine Halloween:


Happy Halloween and see you on the road!



Don’t Beat Yourself Up on Off Days

Yesterday was a scheduled day off from the C25K program, but I had morning aspirations of getting a run in.  As it turned out, we needed to complete our Halloween decorating.  Fun times (although I could not believe stores having Christmas displays up the day BEFORE Halloween -whatever happened to Thanksgiving?), but by night’s end I had it stuck in my head that I should have done that run.  I need to avoid that thinking because it’s a trap that will ruin my willpower eventually.  If I did run, it would have been a bonus, if I didn’t, I was not supposed to anyway.  Here’s a good article with reminders why rest days are important:

4 Reasons Why Rest Days Are Important

Will be looking to push a little harder today to work some of tonight’s candy calories off in advance.

See you on the road!


A C25K run through Evergreen Cemetery

I was happy to complete another day of C25K in one of my favorite Portland running destinations, Evergreen Cemetery.  Located in our neighborhood, the cemetery is a fantastic spot to run among dead people some beautiful scenery and be able to be worry-free from traffic.  There are several possible loops on the grounds, but my favorite is a 2+ mile loop that covers the perimeter of Evergreen.  It is beautiful during fall color season, but we’re a bit past peak season this year:

The chapel is an especially beautiful building where during the summer and early fall weddings will be held (although I could not imagine getting married on the grounds of a cemetery).  If you are ever in Portland and looking for a quiet running spot, I definitely recommend Evergreen Cemetery!

The C25K run went well, but I was not expecting the jump from 30 sec sun – 90 sec walk to 90 sec run – 2 min walk.  I adjusted though and was happy with the pace that I was able to maintain during run intervals.  It’s only been two runs, but no doubt running puts me in a better place both physically and mentally.

BTW, adding to a productive afternoon, Addie and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween (well, I did the carving, but Addie did pick the design from “The Nightmare Before Christmas):

Tonight, I’ll be roasting the seeds, which should make for nice running energy snacks.

Happy Halloween and see you on the road!


No Better Time To Start Than Today

I look at the dates of our last posts and am surprised.  Over a year!  That’s not a good thing when it comes running.  There’s been too much Breakfast and not enough running.  I wish I had excuses as to why the running has faded, but I don’t.  I put the blame on a career change in August with new hours (it lasted a year, but now I’m back in my old teaching position), an extra cold winter (but no worse than years before), and other lame reasons, but it came down to lack of motivation and laziness.  I tried several re-boots of programs, but then would be frustrated at how far my pace had dropped off and then would quit again.  I’m embarrassed to say that Runkeeper recorded several single-digits of monthly miles this year.

Well whatever.  This past weekend I decided to go back to where I started and begin the Couch to 5K program (C25K).  C25K is a fantastic app for beginners with prompts from a friendly voice telling you when to run or walk in a 8 week training program that culminates with a 5k run.  Here’s the link if you want to give it a try:

Couch to 5k Trainer App

c25k pic

It seems the first step can be the hardest, but I love starting programs.  For me it’s getting Day 2 done.  I’m wrapping this up, heading home, and lacing up my running shoes to get back to it.

My motivation this time around comes from this quote:

“Every day I say to myself: ‘Today I will begin.'”    -St. Anthony of the Desert

Let’s hope it sticks.  See you on the road!