Coffeeneuring with Addie – Sinful Kitchen

Trip Number: 8
Where: The Sinful Kitchen, Portland, ME
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016
Katie: Nitro Cold Brew
Addie: Hot Chocolate (and lemonade)
Mileage: 3.58 miles
Bike Friendliness:  Nope.  Nowhere to lock up.  To be fair, it’s on a busy street near a tricky intersection, so the restaurant probably isn’t really expecting a lot of bike traffic.

After our lackluster last two Coffeeneuring trips, I thought we’d better go big for our last one.  Addie was feeling really unmotivated for a long ride and could barely even be bribed for any ride with the idea of a delicious breakfast.  Luckily Sinful Kitchen is really close to us, and I was finally able to convince her (by promising she won’t have to do it again next year – I know she’ll change her mind by then).


It was really quite serendipitous that we ended up there.  During the week I was trying to figure out where we would go.  On top of that I’ve really been wanting to try Nitro Cold Brew.  I just happened to see a Facebook post from Sinful Kitchen that they had this cold brew, so I realized that would be our perfect last destination.

The cold brew was interesting.  For some reason, I expected it to be slightly carbonated.  It was strong and bitter and frothy and interesting.  I think I liked it, but I’ll have to try it once or twice more to be sure.


We had fun coloring while we waited for our food.  We thought about trying to copy the graffiti wall we saw on our trip #4.


We finally arrived at the sinful part of the trip.  Addie ordered the chocolate and peanut better cup waffle featured on their website photo.  It was amazing!  The chocolate ganache part was the best.


Addie doesn’t eat meat, so she was able to sub a fruit cup which i think may have been her favorite.


Lately I’ve been more into the savory breakfasts and was tempted by their benedicts, (which I’ve had before), huevos, and their pulled pork sandwich, but I thought celebrating a successful Coffeeneuring season deserved something, well, sinful.  I ended up getting their last order of chocolate caramel stuffed French toast.  It was delicious and rich, and I only managed to eat about 1/4 of it.  My only complaint was that the chocolate overpowered the caramel.  The staff was super friendly, and we headed home with another few days worth of breakfasts.

We did manage to lock up somewhat insecurely to their light post.


Addie always helps me unlock because she knows how frustrated I get with our silly lock.


We took a celebratory photo when we got home.  Such a great experience.  Thanks Chasing Mailboxes for the idea and the coordination.


Right now we’re enjoying a few days off at a cabin in Rangeley.  It’s gloriously relaxing.  We’re doing pretty much nothing and watching the snow fall.



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