About Us

Hi.  Thanks for checking out our blog.  We took up running a few years ago and are now obsessed.  We love to talk about running, but it drives our kids absolutely crazy, so we started this blog to “talk” with other runners who will, hopefully, enjoy running conversation more than our children.

Our favorite type of run is what we call a “breakfast run”.  We seek out a breakfast restaurant within running distance, have breakfast, and run home.  We’re lucky enough to live in Portland, Maine which has been turning into such a foodie town in the last few years that we have a great selection of restaurants.

We share our restaurant reviews, race reviews, and other running-related stuff (and maybe some complete randomness) with you here.

Thanks for reading!

Mike and Katie




  1. Thanks for hosting last night! Great time! Your passion for running is inspiring. We’re a long way away, but love this idea.



  2. Good morning, Mike and Katie! My name is Yulia, next week I am opening a coffee-shop-creperia in Portland, Maine. It is located  on 229 Congress street.

    I would like to invite you, your family and friends to an opening pay-what-you-want week (27th of March-2nd April)  =) The hours will be Sunday 8-5, Monday-Saturday 6.30am-6pm. The week’s menu will include 12 Oz Drip Coffee, espresso-based drinks, tea, hot cocoa, chai, iced drinks, shakes and, of course, crepes. 🎨😜☕️🍩🍫🙋
    I will be happy to see you there!

    coffee-shop owner http://www.sipofeurope.com
    multilingual guide to St. Petersburg http://glad-to-meet-you.com



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