Weekend Almost Here!

I’m so ready for the weekend and looking forward to another breakfast run.  My goal for tomorrow is for us to really get up with the sun and hit a 6 or 7 AM spot for breakfast.  Has been a little more chilly for runs this week (high 30s-low 40s).  Last weekend I made a surprise trip to CABELA’S in Scarborough and found that they have a nice collection of ICEBREAKER apparell for sale.  I picked up a short-sleeved wool shirt along with some long underwear.

My most recent runs have a been a varied collection of wool items: Smartwool hat, Ibex glove-liners, PEP shirt, and Icebreaker long underwear (in lieu of synthetic tights).  Felt really comfortable for the entire run…

Well, gotta pay the bills…See you on the road!


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