Bread Run! Big Sky Bread Company

The day after our trip down Memory Lane to the Mid-Coast, we decided to stay close to home.  During most training weeks, the longest run of the week is scheduled for Sunday, but Saturday’s 10 mile jaunt through Camden-Rockport took care of that.  On the drive home home, Katie and I decided that this week’s football food would be a Fall favorite, Thanksgiving Turkey sandwiches.  There are many variations of this classic, but ours were going to be the basic turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, aruglua (OK, a little fancy, I’m an iceberg guy, Katie needs a little more class in her sandwiches), and mayo (in hindsight, I forgot to include gravy, but we’ll have some homemade gravy for the day after Thanksgiving version).  Besides quality turkey, the key ingredient to this heavenly sandwich concoction is the bread.  Without hesitation, we decided that Big Sky Bread Company located in our neighborhood across the street from Bayou Kitchen and Abilene (a recent Breakfast Run).

Big  Sky is located in a really cool converted Fire House building in Woodford’s corner.  I love the businesses that choose to rehab old structures.  It maintains the character of the neighborhood and those buildings are irreplaceable.

The main Big Sky Bakery located in this beautiful building at Woodford’s Corner.

Sunday was damp and chilly, so after a slow four miles (still was sore from Saturday), the warmth amazing aroma of the bakery was a fantastic feeling after the run.  Besides their organic Maine bread, Big Sky has offers a coffee, sandwiches and other baked deliciousness.  They always provide generous free samples of bread and other treats.  I was tempted to enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate, but decided not to since my hands would be full for the walk home.  Instead, I went straight to the bread racks and selected a loaf each for the Old Fashioned White and Honey Wheat.  

Each loaf was $4.50, which seems to be priced just right or could even be called a bargain.  These are not your typical grocery store loaves of Wonder Bread (although I have to confess that sometimes nothing beats a PB&J on squishy white bread, especially when the J is Katie’s homemade strawberry jam).  Big Sky’s bread is over-sized loaves that you can imagine flowing over the bread pan as they were baked.  It has nice weight to it and the slices have perfectly sized holes you picture in classic sliced bread.

My favorite Big Sky loaf is the Old Fashioned White.  In fact, that bread toasted with butter and cinnamon is glorious.  I went with the Old Fashioned for my Thanksgiving sandwich and was not disappointed.  Later in the week I brought a boring traditional turkey with lettuce and mayo sandwich to work and it was the best most delicious part of my workday.

It was kind of fun making the walk back to the house with a loaf of bread swinging from each hand while still in my running gear (BTW, my PEP shirt was magical once again and stayed warm in the damp conditions even after cooling down before the walk home).


The Loaves and the Ultras!

On this trip I signed on for Big Sky’s frequent loaf buyer punch card.  Looking forward to making our way to that 13th loaf being free!  We’ll have to plan a Breakfast Run here soon, so that we can post a full review.  For now the bottom line is that Big Sky is the best thing since sliced bread an awesome bakery and cafe stop!

See you on the road!


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  1. That is really cool that the bread company is hosting a run. I would do it just for the bread. I love bread in all of its forms. I my favorite type of bread is the kind that is very dense. The denser and moist it is the better in my eyes. I also prefer it to be whole wheat.



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