Run For Breakfast TO GO at Rose Foods

I set out Monday morning to complete Week 5 of C25K.  This day’s training called for a two mile run at 10 minute pace.  On the fly, I decided I would push for that 10 minute pace for the first two miles and then add some distance afterwards.  The run was a great success as I was just under 10:00 pace for the two training miles and then added on an extra three miles of running with some walk breaks worked in.  Turned out to be a nice city loop:


While running down Congress Street, it hit me that I was going to be hungry for some breakfast after this run, but the cupboards at home were a bit bare of breakfast fare.  I then had the revelation to swing into Rose Foods.

We were very excited when Rose Foods came to Portland a couple of years ago.  It’s owner was also one of the founders of the amazing Palace Diner in Biddeford (I think we posted about Palace previously), so we had high expectations.  Rose Foods is in the mold of a classic NYC Jewish delicatessen.  Despite many trips to NYC in my lifetime, I’m not sure what makes a great NYC deli.  All I know is that I love Rose foods.  Their bagels are classic, and we have enjoyed many items including bagel sandwiches with combinations of toppings and their homemade flavored cream cheeses.  Among my favorites is their Matza Ball soup.

On this day I went for an everything bagel with plain cream cheese and the “Rose” salad which is a delightful combination of cottage cheese, radishes, and spices (mostly dill).  I ordered my treasure and did not mind a wait of any length because the AC was glorious on this warm day.  Once I received my order, I slipped in a few of the complimentary Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews (probably my favorite candy).

The run home was a bit slow and I had worries of the bag ripping, but I made it.  I had designs to eat half my order, then save some for lunch, but as usual, the bagel and salad were so good that I finished them off in one sitting.

Yes, that is a selfie I took of me rockin’ the Star Wars shirt running home with my take out bag.

See you on the road!



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