A Rangeley Run and Some Thanksgiving Cooking

After the Birthday Celebration at The Farm, we made our way back to Portland on Sunday morning and decided we should make the treacherous drive to Rangeley the same evening.

A shared 5 hour terror drive across ice covered roads in pitch-blackness wilderness brought us to the warm confines of our Rangeley Lake Resort cabin on a cold Sunday night.

We celebrated our arrival with some Perogies and onions…

Rangeley is a western mountains town known for its snow and cold temps and it certainly lived up to both for this Thanksgiving trip, but I did set out for a Tuesday morning run.

We also had some wildlife visitors…

I do admit that Addie can be wild, but she is not local wildlife in the 2nd pic above.

Our tradition at Rangeley is to have Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night with a full compliment of Arlington Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” and Ray Davies’ “Thanksgiving Day” while I cook. We fulfilled that promise as the pictures below share.

We ended up having a, “Thanksgiving Feast that couldn’t be beat” with many toasts and lots of good conversation.

Thanksgiving Day was low key watching plenty of football and enjoying leftovers. No running that day, but we did manage to work off some calories at Moose Alley. Katie and Maggie managed to bowl the top scores.

I hope you also enjoyed a great holiday, and see you on the road!


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