Lunch Run: The Honey Paw. Best Lunch Ever!

So last Saturday our Breakfast Run plans never materialized.  We ended up doing our Evergreen Cemetary 6 mile route because our daughters had to participate in morning practices for an upcoming Irish Step Dance competition. So instead we decided that we’d get  a run in, drop the girls off, and treat our younger son, Frank, to a lunch date.  Not sure that 14 year olds ever are excited for a lunch date with their parents, but even Frank would have to admit that this was an AMAZING dining experience.

The Honey Paw bills itself as a non-denominational noodle bar (are noodles a religion?).  I was thinking it was just a fancy Chinese restaurant.  Speaking of Chinese cuisine, is anyone out there still mourning the demise of Wok Inn in Portland?  I was a regular, always ordering six dumplings and a pint of pork fried rice with extra helpings of their Duck Sauce spiked with apple sauce. It was Chinese fast food: Fresh, cheap, and greasy fast.  I loved it!

The Honey Paw is NOTHING like Wok Inn.  Just a trip to the bathroom before eating will tell you that.


Does that count as a sink?  I don’t know, but it is cool.

Even better, as I walked out of the bathroom, I noticed the source of the musical background:


Rocking some vinyl!

So, we started out with some adult libations (excluding the Root Beer ordered by our son Frank).  I went with the Strong Paw and was not disappointed.  I’m a whiskey fan, but the tequila with sweet and sour flavors was a delight.  BTW, here is the menu we had for the day:

After the drinks, our fabulous server (sorry did not catch her name) offered us some appetizer selections.   I gotta say that if you come to The Honey Paw and only have appetizers and drinks you will leave a satisfied customer.  We had duck skewers (on special that day…we had two orders they were soooo good!!!) and the brussel sprouts (amazing nutty flavor!).

It was hard to beat the appetizers, but the entrees were amazing too!  I had a noodle bowl with seafood treats and Frank had a fried crepe concoction that I can only describe as sexually arousing  AMAZING!

We were going to sample the great looking desserts, but in the end, we decided a walk for some local gelato was in order.

BOTTOM LINE: The Honey Paw is an amazing dining experience and I can wait to make another run there!!!!



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