Wow! A one week review of the PEP Shevlin+

Last week my Pettet Endurance Project Shevlin+ wool running shirt arrived in the mail!  It was exciting to see the package, but I was even more impressed when I opened to the packaging inside the mailing envelope:


I loved the gift wrap and it was very cool to have a personal note from one of the PEP representatives.  Even before seeing the shirt I was so impressed with PEP and their vision.  They are committed to using a renewable resource (merino wool) in order to enhance the running experience.  They have a plan to keep their prices low ($60 for a 97% high quality shirt is a bargain and a half!), produce in the USA, and contribute back to the environment.

The shirt itself is better than advertised.  I am glad that I went with the Shevlin+ rather than the basic Shevlin.  The + has heavier fabric which will provide more warmth in the coming months (“Winter is coming”).  Plus I just like the feel of a heavier shirt.  The fit is perfect being snug across my chest and a bit loose towards my waist.  When I first put the shirt on I was a bit surprised how low the neck went and was puzzled that the thumb holes seemed tough to get into.  Oops! I had the shirt on backwards.  Turns out that the small PEP logo is on you back.  Once I put the shirt on correctly, it was a perfect fit. Most importantly, I have found the ITCHYNESS factor to be almost zero.  I noticed a bit of itch during my first run when some heat started radiating from my torso, but it was gone within moments.  This amazes me with a shirt that is 95% Merino Wool. So far I have worn the Shevlin+ for runs in temps from 27 degrees (this morningd!) to the the mid 40s.  For all of the runs I have had my Saucony windbreaker on top (the reason to follow).  Cold has been a non factor and at the same time I have not been close to overheating.  The shirt has been very comfortable and it will probably all but displace my Nike DriFit Wool shirt (I like it but have some issues with the neck area) for cold weather running.

I am looking forward to trying a run without a top layer above my Shevlin+, but the black color option was not a good choice because I currently only have black running tights.  Without a top layer this is the effect:

I don’t want people to think they’re watching a public performance of modern dance during my runs, so it looks like a purchase of non-black bottoms is in order at some point.

I will provide some more insights on the Shevlin+ as I accumulate more miles in it. Will review my Nike DriFit soon as well.

See you on the road!


Katie had a better comparison of my all black attire:


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