Speaking of Wool Running Gear: Get DARN TOUGH!

If you want the best running socks hands down, get your feet in some DARN TOUGH Vermont Socks.  Since switching to these last February (first wool socks ever for me), I have not had cold feet or a blister yet!  In fact, I’ve dumped all cotton footwear from my dresser and wearing Darn Toughs exclusively every day (running or not).  My feet are grateful!

My first pair of Darn Toughs. Still going strong after 700 miles or so and daily wear at work.

Bought this pair for the Maine Marathon. Sore feet were not an issue thanks to the cushioning! Also have another pair that I used all summer long.

Just bought these a couple of weeks ago. Now my everyday non-running sock. No more sweaty, stinky feet at work. Helps keep my feet energized for after work runs!


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