That Great Feeling When You Weren’t Going To, But You Did The Run – Night Run On The Boulevard

It was 6:15pm and I was on my way home from the day. I had already resigned myself to skipping today’s scheduled run due to wet weather, it was dark, it was wet, and whatever weak excuse I could create to convince myself not to run.

It turned out that Katie was going to be out for the evening at her Knitting and Wine Club. I thought to myself that I did not want to just settle in and veg for the evening. Got home, put my gear on first thing (that was key), told the kids I would pick up some dinner, and I was on my way.

A short drive from our house is Portland’s most popular running destination, Baxter Boulevard aka Back Cove Trail. It is a mostly flat 3.5 mile loop around Portland’s Back Cove. It’s a great destination for runners and walkers alike with a great view of Portland’s skyline and worry-free running from traffic. The trail features 1/4 mile markers and is wide enough for walkers, runners, and bikers heading in both directions. We’ve run many miles during training and races and this trail never disappoints! One drawback is that after steady rain, trail has its fair share of shoe-soaking puddles, which means Darn Toughs are a welcome running partner on chilly nights.

A highlight of the Back Cove Trail is the B&M Baked Bean Factory.

This is Portland’s very own Wonka Factory. The lights are always on, but no one ever goes in or ever comes out.

Not much to see tonight, but I took a few pics.

Well, I’m feeling good to have completed another C25K session (+ some extra!) on a night I was gonna skip. Now I’m wrapped in some of my KTP wool and enjoying a satisfying night.

See you on the road!


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