A C25K run through Evergreen Cemetery

I was happy to complete another day of C25K in one of my favorite Portland running destinations, Evergreen Cemetery.  Located in our neighborhood, the cemetery is a fantastic spot to run among dead people some beautiful scenery and be able to be worry-free from traffic.  There are several possible loops on the grounds, but my favorite is a 2+ mile loop that covers the perimeter of Evergreen.  It is beautiful during fall color season, but we’re a bit past peak season this year:

The chapel is an especially beautiful building where during the summer and early fall weddings will be held (although I could not imagine getting married on the grounds of a cemetery).  If you are ever in Portland and looking for a quiet running spot, I definitely recommend Evergreen Cemetery!

The C25K run went well, but I was not expecting the jump from 30 sec sun – 90 sec walk to 90 sec run – 2 min walk.  I adjusted though and was happy with the pace that I was able to maintain during run intervals.  It’s only been two runs, but no doubt running puts me in a better place both physically and mentally.

BTW, adding to a productive afternoon, Addie and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween (well, I did the carving, but Addie did pick the design from “The Nightmare Before Christmas):

Tonight, I’ll be roasting the seeds, which should make for nice running energy snacks.

Happy Halloween and see you on the road!



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