Finally a Breakfast Run – Local 188

We haven’t stopped running OR eating, but we’ve been pretty disorganized about posting about anything lately.  Our new favorite breakfast destination – running or otherwise is Local 188.  Last weekend we braved the drizzle for our third (or maybe fourth?) visit.


It took us a while to try this highly recommended place, since they only have breakfast on weekends and not until 9:00.  We used to like to get our runs out of the way much earlier than that.  Lately we’ve been a little more relaxed about the timing of our weekend runs.


The restaurant is quite spacious, so we haven’t had any issues getting in.


I like the rotating art gallery they have on the walls.


All the seating is quite inviting, but we always opt for a seat at the counter.  It’s surprisingly private with a nice view of the English Muffin preparation operation.


They have a great selection of Bloody Mary’s which are quite good.  The first time we went, I opted for the Cilantro flavored one.  I used to be a hater, but now I love cilantro.  It was a great Bloody Mary, but the cilantro flavor was too subtle – almost unnoticeable.  Mike went for their spiciest option.  My cilantro one was already quite spicy to the point where I thought they might have mixed them up.

Most of the time, I’m more in the mood for a mimosa, and I love the ones from Local 188 – just the way I like them – just a small amount of juice with the option to get grapefruit juice instead of orange juice.  The chunk of grapefruit is a nice touch.

We are big fans of kombucha especially the kombucha from Urban Farm Fermentory, but we were happily surprised to find that Local 188 also makes their own Kombucha (shown next to the Bloody Mary in the photo above).  They have some interesting flavors varying by the day.  It’s quite good but just a tad sweeter than UFF’s which I still prefer.


Our strategy at Local 188 is to get one order from their pastry/sweets section and one main course.  Honestly, the thing that got me hooked on Local 188 is their sour cream crumb coffee cake with honey butter.  It’s a special, and the wait staff tells us they have it about every three weeks.  Sadly, we haven’t managed to have that again, but I keep hoping.  This last time, we had the ricotta fritters instead, and they were quite a good substitution.  The raspberry jam a top the warm, crispy, barely sweet fritter was a delicious combination.  We’re a bit out of practice when it comes to food blogging, so we neglected to take any photos of the fritters until we’d eaten 2/3rd’s of them.


Same problem with the breakfast burrito which was our main course option.  This is our absolute favorite.  I’m not sure we’ll ever stray from it.  The beans, the eggs, the crispy tortilla, the mango salsa.  Mmm.  My only complaint is that I could use twice as much of the mango salsa.


This is a better photo from the first time we had it.  We’ve also tried the huevos rancheros which are also delicious.

Not sure when we’ll do our next breakfast run.  We’ve been busy Coffeeneuring.  Thanks for sticking with us.  We won’t neglect this space for so long next time.


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