Forget Facebook, RUNKEEPER Is Now My Ultimate Work Distraction!

Used to be when I lost interest motivation at work, Facebook was a nice distraction to pass the time. Now my first stop on the WWW is  It is much better to relive some great (and not so great) miles on the road rather than status updates, George Takei, video recipes and pictures of everyone’s perfect children.  It’s also fun setting new goals and getting motivated for my next run.

Yesterday’s Runkeeper distraction convinced me to log 11 miles in order to hit the 1,500 mile milestone for 2015.  I was planning only a quick 4-5 miles, but I saw I was at 1489 for the year, so after getting home, I strapped on the Camelbak and set out for an 11 miler.  Kinda stinks that this morning I realized that I’m actually at 1,499.7.  I guess Runkeeper rounds up.  Gonna run a quick 5k tonight and actually get to celebrate this accomplishment (my previous high for yearly miles was about 600 about 15 years ago.

Speaking of Runkeeper, it is one of the key elements that has turned me into a “runner”.  I love stats (thanks to baseball) and Runkeeper is fantastic at provding them.  Total miles, pace, total climb, average pace, personal records.  It amazes me that this app is free.  On top of that I have used Runkeeper’s FREE training programs for 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon race training.  I exceeded my goal time for all of those distances!  You could almost say I’m addicted to the app because I get anxious if a run is not recorded to Runkeeper.

Another weekend breakfast run tomorrow!  Plus my first run with the newly arrived PEP wool shirt.


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